Welcome to the Future Focus Network (“TFFN”).

TFFN is a not for profit organisation that works with young people in various communities in London in order to help enhance their prospects in education, training, and employment so that they can reach their full potential.

Over 850,000 young people are unemployed in the UK, and three quarters of young people don’t believe they can achieve their ambitions for the future. We want to change those numbers, that’s why we’ve created Skills 4 Life, an interactive Education and Training based programme designed to:

  • Help raise the aspirations and self-belief of young people
  • Improve their levels of attainment in education
  • Develop their “soft” Skills
  • Give them the best chance in securing employment in the future




Here at The Future Focus Network we work with young people to help raise their aspirations and self-belief. Mentoring sessions and coaching, (both one to one and group sessions).

Life Skills


We provide skills based workshops, (both educational and motivational) aimed at developing the core skills of young people, in order to improve the level of gaining employability.




We work with young people to improve their levels of attainment and academic ability. This includes educational support in the form of after school classes to help young people with school/college work and exam revision.

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We are actively looking for volunteers who share our passion in wanting to make a positive difference to the lives of young people.

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